My Perfect 6-Pack: Pilsner Edition

A few months ago I listed my perfect 6-pack. Beers I enjoy and love, ranging from IPAs to stouts to pilsners. Pilsners are one of my favorite styles, so I decided to do a pilsner edition perfect 6-pack.

The Olde Mecklenberg Brewery Captain Jack Pilsner Charlotte, NC
We’ll just shorten it to OMB. Smooth, unbelievably flavorful with good bitterness, and very drinkable at only 4.8%, this is IMHO the greatest pilsner on the planet. I love german-style beer, and they definitely do it right. (note: this was included in my overall perfect 6-pack)

Crooked Run Coast Sterling, VA
This beer is just so…so yummy. The blend of New Zealand Motueka and Wakatu hops give it a unique feel and taste. Dare I say creamy? Whatever it is, it’s awesome. One of my favorite pilsners ever. By the way, they also make wonderful IPAs and tasty stouts.

Bierstadt Lagerhaus Slow-Pour Pils Denver, CO
I was introduced to this beer by a good friend, and man, I’m glad he did. These guys do it the right way; the old-style way. It’s call a slow-pour pils because it deserves – no, it begs – to be poured and served that way (if you haven’t heard of this method, check out this article here). This beer is legit heaven in a glass.

Escutcheon Brewing John Riggins 4th & 1 Pilsner Winchester, VA
Escutcheon technically doesn’t brew this beer any longer, so I may have cheated, but I love it. According to them the exact same beer is brewed under the “Fancy Clancy’s Pilsner” name, but I’m not so sure. The Clancy version tastes lighter to me with less bitterness. That very well may be a placebo effect, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Anyhow, I LOVE the 4th & 1. Great flavor, lovely bitterness, a touch of sweetness. It is my favorite pilsner ever.

Sierra Nevada Southern Gothic Chico, CA
Yes, I’m a Sierra Nevada fanboy. No, I won’t apologize for it. This is a wonderful pils. Tasty bitterness, velvety smooth, and a 5.2% ABV. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor for (multiple) drinkability.

Ardent Pilsner Richmond, VA
Last, but certainly not least, is the AWESOME pilsner from Ardent out of Richmond, VA. I believe Ardent is the the most underrated brewery in Virginia, but that’s a conversation for another time over…pilsners. 🙂 This is a great German-style pilsner. Tons of flavor, tons of aroma; a beer you can go back to time after time and never get tired of it. Slow pour it, and even more aromas are released, making it that much better. I’m moving back to Cleveland soon, and this is one of the Virginia beers I’m going to really miss.